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  • Orchestra - Shared Sessions - Recording Session - BSO 55-Piece

Orchestra - Shared Sessions - Recording Session - BSO 55-Piece


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Video coverage available at cost

100% Commercial Buyout



2 Flutes - 2nd player doubles piccolo

2 Oboes - 2nd player doubles english horn

2 Clarinets in Bb - 2nd player doubles bass clarinet

2 Bassoons - 2nd player doubles contrabassoon


4 French Horns in F

3 Trumpets in Bb

3 Trombones (2.1)

1 Tuba


1 Timpani


1 Harp

Strings 10-8-6-6-4


By placing your order, you agree with our Terms of use

VAT applies to purchases within the EU

  • record up to 1 min of music = 12-min session 

    record up to 2 min of music = 24-min session 

    record up to 3 min of music = 35-min session

    record up to 4 min of music = 45-min session 

    record up to 5 min of music = 53-min session 

    record up to 6 min of music = 60-min session

    record up to 7 min of music = 70-min session

    record up to 8 min of music = 80-min session

    record up to 9 min of music = 90-min session

    record up to 10 min of music = 100-min session

    record up to 11 min of music = 110-min session

    record up to 12 min of music = 120-min session

    record up to 13 min of music = 130-min session

    record up to 14 min of music = 140-min session

    record up to 15 min of music = 150-min session

    Music longer than 15 minutes needs its own custom session. Contact us for info.


    These time settings are not linear. They are subject to change depending on the difficulty of each piece. If we find that your piece requires more recording time due to hard passages, or if you have not booked enough session time, we will hold your recording until enough recording time is booked.

    You can also email us at, and we will advise you on the most adequate recording time.

    If you sent a quote request, please select the suggested amount of session time, as advised by our executive producer.

  • Post-Production (Editing, Mixing & Mastering) of your session can be booked separately. Please get in touch with your Executive Producer to book Post-Production.

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