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  • Post-Production: WTM Main Theme

Post-Production: WTM Main Theme


Post-Production for Hunter Chang: "WTM Main Theme".


  • Have you recorded your music with Musiversal before? Will you record your music with us anytime soon? This is for you - an ideal service to use right after your recording session is complete but also if you have some old Musiversal recordings that are not yet fully produced.


    With our in-house Production team, your music will be taken to the next level! Our team of editors, mixers and producers will hold your music to high standards.


    It is very important for us to produce music that lives up to your intentions and desires. You are welcome to talk to our Production team and give them references and guidelines about what you want to achieve musically. This goes for all sound aspects. Reverb, Panning, Loudness, and whatever else you can think of: we will do it to your specifications.


    Once you purchase your Post-Production, our Production team will analyze it and start working on it. We will deliver your files in up to 15 business days. Because your satisfaction is our goal, we built a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. If you are not satisfied with the first version, we will review your service free of charge. If you require more revisions, we will apply a 50% discount to each new iteration, so that our engineers can craft your work to the highest of your excellence requirement.


    Terms of Use apply


    What we need to get from you: 

    • If you've recorded with Musiversal up to one year ago, we got your session files backed up, so don't worry!

    • If you've edited or made changes to the session that we should use as a starting point, share the files with us (PT Session + Audio Files).

    • What is the recording for? A video? A CD? A movie?

    • A reference track that sounds like what you want to achieve


    What YOU will get: 

    • WAV - 48khz 24 bit

    • WAV - 44.1khz 16 bit (CD/streaming) 

    • MP3 - 320kbs

    • 1 revision


    Here a list of the equipment our team will use to post-produce your work:


    • Equalizer Harrison 32 Eq

    • Equalizer CAPI LC40

    • Equalizer Sound Skulptor 573

    • Compressor Golden Age Comp-3A

    • Compressor dbx 560A

    • De-esser dbx 520

    • Apogee Ensemble audio interface and AD/DA


    • Vast array of plugins from Izotope, FabFilter, Plugin Alliance, Slate Digital, Waves, and others

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