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  • Orchestra - Shared Sessions - Recording Session - Brookspeare Music

Orchestra - Shared Sessions - Recording Session - Brookspeare Music


The minimum call is 3 hours. 3x 1-hour sessions with Brookspeare Music.


We'll book the session date via email.


5 minutes of music per hour (1 single PDF score).

If your score is longer than 5 minutes and/or the difficulty proves to be demanding, we will need to book the adequate time as per the quartet's request.



  • Score and Parts in PDF format
  • Mockup audio file of the quartet
  • Stems or a Stereo mixed audio file of other instruments that go with the quartet (guitar, piano, vocals, etc). We'll insert the tracks in the Pro Tools session when we prepare it so that we make sure that everything is aligned, and you can listen to these tracks during the recording of the quartet as well
  • Stems must be in WAV or AIFF format
  • A Midi Tempo Map is mandatory if your piece has time signature and/or bpm changes, so everything aligns correctly and exactly as written in Pro Tools when we are recording. The MIDI file from your notation software should suffice


All recordings are 100% commercial buyouts.


By placing your order, you agree with our Terms of use.

VAT applies to purchases within the EU.

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